Preventing Burnt Tastes in Your Loy Vape

Vaping has evolved into a widely embraced nicotine consumption method, offering a diverse range of e-liquid flavors to suit various preferences. However, one common issue that can detract from your vaping enjoyment is the unpleasant taste of burnt hits. This problem can occur for several reasons and can be a significant annoyance for vapers. In this article, we will explore the potential causes of burnt tastes in your Loy Disposable Vape and provide valuable tips on how to prevent this issue from arising.

Common Causes of Burnt Tastes

Loy vapes come pre-filled with high quality e-liquid with top notch ingredients. Inspite of the multiple flavor options, these vapes often start tasting burnt, making the user wonder for the probable causes and the way to fix it. But don’t worry we are here to solve such queries. Mentioned below are the some of the common reasons that make the Loy vape taste bad

Puffing Too Rapidly:

The Issue: Chain vaping, characterized by taking rapid successive puffs without allowing your disposable vape to cool down, can lead to the coil overheating. When the coil becomes excessively hot, it can burn the e-liquid, resulting in a burnt taste.

Solution: To prevent this issue, pace your puffs and allow your Loy Disposable Vape to rest briefly between hits. Allowing the device to cool down between puffs prevents the coil from overheating and burning the e-liquid.

Low E-Liquid Levels:

The Issue: A burnt taste can also occur when vaping with low e-liquid levels in the reservoir, especially when the reservoir is almost empty. This exposes the coil to air, which can dry out the wick and result in burning. This practice can also damage your disposable vape and reduce its overall lifespan.

Solution: To avoid this problem, regularly check your e-liquid levels and refill your disposable vape before it nears depletion. Additionally, refrain from vaping when the reservoir is less than one-quarter full to minimize the risk of burning.

Improper Storage:

The Issue: Storing your Loy Disposable Vape in unfavorable conditions, such as direct sunlight or extreme heat, can lead to the e-liquid becoming overly viscous and prone to burning during vaporization.

Solution: Properly store your disposable vape in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat sources. This ensures the e-liquid remains at an ideal consistency for smooth vaping.

Continued Use After Depletion:

The Issue: Continuing to use your Loy Disposable Vape after the e-liquid has been entirely consumed can cause the coil to burn due to insufficient e-liquid to vaporize.

Solution: Always replace your disposable vape with a fresh one when you notice the e-liquid is running out. Using a depleted device not only results in a burnt taste but can also damage the coil and negatively impact your vaping experience.


A burnt taste in your Loy Disposable Vape can be a frustrating setback, but with a clear understanding of potential causes and practical solutions, you can prevent this issue from detracting from your vaping enjoyment. By following these tips, you can ensure your disposable vape functions optimally, delivering a smooth and satisfying experience. Remember to adhere to manufacturer guidelines and recommendations to make the most of your Loy Disposable Vape without encountering burnt tastes.


Preventing Burnt Tastes in Your Loy Vape
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