The Pillow Talk 85000: Pioneering the Future of Vaping

In the realm of vaping, innovation and refinement are the cornerstones of progress. The Pillow Talk 8500 stands as a testament to this ethos, offering a sophisticated blend of cutting-edge technology, ergonomic design, and unparalleled performance. Boasting an array of features that cater to both novice and seasoned vapers alike, the Pillow Talk 8500 sets a new standard in the industry.

Explore the Unmatched Specifications of Pillow Talk 8500

  • Design and Build Quality
    The Pillow Talk 8500 is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, featuring a sleek and compact design that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Its smooth contours and lightweight construction make it ideal for on-the-go use, while its premium finish exudes elegance and sophistication.
  • Prefilled Capacity and Nicotine Strength
    With a prefilled capacity of 13mL and a nicotine strength of 5% (50mg), the Pillow Talk 85000 offers users a satisfying vaping experience that is both flavorful and potent. Whether you prefer bold tobacco flavors or fruity concoctions, the Pillow Talk 8500 delivers robust vapor production and rich flavor profiles with every puff.
  • Battery and Performance
    Equipped with a powerful 550mAh battery, the Pillow Talk 8500 ensures long-lasting performance that keeps pace with your busy lifestyle. With a maximum puff count of 8500, you can enjoy extended vaping sessions without having to worry about frequent recharges. The draw-activated operation simplifies usage, allowing you to indulge in your favorite flavors with just a gentle inhale.
  • Heating Element and Vapor Production
    At the heart of the Pillow Talk 8500 lies a state-of-the-art mesh coil heating element that ensures rapid heat distribution and consistent vapor production. Whether you prefer smooth, silky clouds or intense throat hits, the Pillow Talk 8500 delivers a satisfying vaping experience that caters to your unique preferences.
  • Charging Options
    The Pillow Talk 8500 offers versatile charging options to suit your lifestyle. With a convenient Type-C port, recharging your device is faster and more efficient than ever before. Additionally, the inclusion of Qi wireless charging capability adds a layer of convenience, allowing you to power up your device with ease, wherever you may be. Furthermore, the Pillow Talk 8500 is reverse charging capable, enabling you to use it as a power bank to charge other compatible devices—an invaluable feature for those moments when you need an extra boost.
  • Safety Features
    Safety is paramount when it comes to vaping, and the Pillow Talk 8500 is designed with a range of built-in safety features to ensure peace of mind during every vaping session. From overcharge protection to short circuit prevention, the Pillow Talk 8500 prioritizes user safety without compromising on performance or functionality.

How to Use Pillow Talk 8500?

Using the Pillow Talk 8500 is a straightforward process, designed to ensure a seamless vaping experience for users of all levels of expertise. Follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Unboxing: Carefully unpack your Pillow Talk 8500 kit and inspect its contents to ensure everything is intact.

  2. Preparation: If your device comes with a prefilled cartridge, ensure it is securely attached to the battery unit.

  3. Activation: The Pillow Talk 8500 is draw-activated, meaning there are no buttons to press. Simply take a gentle puff from the mouthpiece to activate the heating element and initiate vapor production.

  4. Inhale and Enjoy: Once activated, inhale from the mouthpiece to draw vapor into your mouth. Take slow, deliberate puffs to savor the flavor and experience the full effects of the nicotine.

  5. Charging: When the battery level runs low, it's time to recharge your Pillow Talk 8500. Use the included Type-C charging cable or Qi wireless charging pad to replenish the battery. Simply connect the charging cable to the device's Type-C port or place it on a Qi-compatible wireless charging pad and let it charge until full.

  6. Maintenance: To ensure optimal performance and longevity, it's essential to keep your Pillow Talk 8500 clean and well-maintained. Regularly inspect the device for any signs of wear or damage, and clean the mouthpiece and cartridge connection area with a soft, dry cloth as needed.

  7. Replacement: When the prefilled cartridge is empty, simply remove it from the device and replace it with a new one. Dispose of the old cartridge responsibly according to local regulations.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How long does the battery of the Pillow Talk 8500 last on a single charge?

A: The battery life of the Pillow Talk 8500 varies depending on usage patterns and vaping habits. However, with a battery capacity of 550mAh, it typically provides enough power for multiple vaping sessions before requiring recharging.

Q: Can I use my own e-liquid with the Pillow Talk 8500?

A: The Pillow Talk 8500 comes with prefilled cartridges that are specifically designed for use with the device. While it may be possible to refill the cartridges with your preferred e-liquid, it is not recommended, as doing so may compromise performance and potentially damage the device.

Q: How do I know when it's time to replace the prefilled cartridge?

A: You'll notice a decrease in vapor production and flavor intensity as the prefilled cartridge nears empty. When you start experiencing these symptoms, it's a good indication that it's time to replace the cartridge with a new one.

Q: Is the Pillow Talk 8500 suitable for beginners?

A: Yes, the Pillow Talk 8500 is well-suited for beginners due to its user-friendly design and draw-activated operation. With no buttons to press or complicated settings to adjust, it offers a hassle-free vaping experience that is perfect for newcomers to the world of vaping.

Q: Is the Pillow Talk 85000 compatible with other charging cables?

A: While the Pillow Talk 8500 comes with a Type-C charging cable for convenient recharging, it may be compatible with other Type-C cables for charging purposes. However, for optimal performance and safety, it is recommended to use the included charging cable or a certified third-party cable that meets the necessary specifications.

By following these guidelines and referring to the FAQ section, you can maximize your enjoyment of the Pillow Talk 8500 while ensuring safe and responsible usage.


In summary, the Pillow Talk 8500 represents the pinnacle of vaping innovation, combining advanced technology, sleek design, and exceptional performance in a single, compact package. With its prefilled capacity, robust battery life, and versatile charging options, the Pillow Talk 8500 offers a vaping experience that is as convenient as it is satisfying. Whether you're a seasoned vaper or new to the world of vaping, the Pillow Talk 8500 is sure to elevate your vaping experience to new heights.

The Pillow Talk 85000: Pioneering the Future of Vaping
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