What to Do If You Drop Your Lost Mary Disposable Vape in Water?

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Mistakes are a part of life, and occasionally, you might find yourself facing a tricky situation involving your Lost Mary Disposable Vape. Whether it's an accidental plunge into a puddle, an unforeseen dive into the sink, or a misfortune involving a glass of water, the pressing question arises: can you rescue it? In this guide, we will explore the fascinating interplay between water and disposable vapes. We'll delve into what transpires when your cherished vape meets H2O, what actions you can take to potentially breathe life back into it, and when it's time to bid it farewell.

The Encounter with Water: Unraveling the Consequences of Moisture and Your Disposable Vape

Despite the concealed inner workings of disposable vapes, they consist of multiple components that aren't compatible with water, irrespective of whether it's an Elf Bar, Puff Bar, Drag Bar, or another disposable variant.

  • The Damp Battery: At the core of your vape lies the lithium-ion battery. Unlike conventional alkaline batteries, lithium-ion batteries necessitate specialized care. In the event of a brief encounter with water, followed by thorough and swift drying, these batteries might continue to operate. However, if they're fully immersed or remain wet for an extended duration, water can lead to corrosion and hinder their performance. Regrettably, disposable vapes don't offer the luxury of battery removal for drying purposes.
  • Moist Chipset: Another integral electronic component nestled within your vape is the chipset, responsible for regulating various functions, including the automatic draw, the luminous LED, and the overall vaping experience. While a damp chipset isn't inherently problematic, the critical factor is the subsequent drying process. Just like batteries, chipsets aren't detachable from disposables for drying purposes.
  • Water and E-Liquid Interaction: Perhaps the most pivotal consideration when your disposable vape takes an unexpected dip is how water interacts with the e-liquid. E-liquid comprises propylene glycol, glycerin, flavorings, and, optionally, nicotine. Enclosed within the device, an absorbent filler material, akin to cotton, is drenched in e-liquid. Immersing your vape in water may permit water to infiltrate the internal components, diluting the e-liquid in the process. Even though e-liquid can mix with water, it renders the vape liquid unusable. Furthermore, water vaporizes at lower temperatures compared to other e-liquid constituents, potentially causing sizzling and, in extreme cases, mouth burns.

Hope Amidst the Waters: Can Your Soaked Vape Stage a Comeback?

As previously noted, if water exposure to the chipset and battery is brief, there's a chance your vape might still function. Thus, if you act swiftly and your vape's aquatic escapade involves clean water and a shallow immersion, there's a glimmer of hope. Here's what you can do to enhance your chances:

  • Immediate Drying: Swiftly and meticulously dry the device. For smaller openings like airflow and USB ports, employ a fine-pointed object like a rolled-up tissue to absorb any water. Avoid all temptations to charge or vape until you are absolutely certain the device is completely dry.
  • Rice Bath: Submerge your vape, gently wrapped in tissue, in a bowl of rice. Rice possesses hygroscopic properties, which means it can effectively absorb moisture without necessitating heat. The tissue acts as a safeguard against any residual rice dust.

These steps apply exclusively to situations involving clean water and superficial submersion. In the event of full submersion, your vape is likely to experience a short-circuit and potentially auto-firing. When confronted with water from less savory sources such as the ocean, puddles, or, heaven forbid, the toilet, it's best to bid a fond farewell to your vape.

Conclusion: The Waters of Redemption

By diligently adhering to the outlined steps and abstaining from any attempts to charge or vape with a moist disposable, you stand a reasonable chance of resuscitating your device. Feel free to share your own water-related vaping anecdotes in the comments section; we've all been there, and a shared chuckle can alleviate even the dampest of circumstances. Remember, accidents are part of life, but with prudent care and a touch of fortune, your Lost Mary Disposable Vape might just find itself enjoying another vaping adventure.


What to Do If You Drop Your Lost Mary Disposable Vape in Water?
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