Why Does My Esco Bars Vape Taste Burnt? Understanding the Factors and Solutions

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Vaping has revolutionized the way we experience nicotine and flavors, providing a diverse array of options to satisfy our senses. However, even with the advanced technology behind Esco Bars vapes, you might find yourself facing an unpleasant and frustrating situation – the dreaded burnt taste. In this comprehensive guide, we'll embark on a journey to demystify the burnt taste phenomenon in Esco Bars vapes, uncovering the contributing factors and offering actionable solutions. 

Understanding the Burnt Taste: A Flavorful Enigma

  • Wick Saturation Woes: A major culprit behind the burnt taste in your Esco Bars vape is inadequate wick saturation. If the wick inside your vape coil isn't thoroughly soaked in e-liquid, it becomes susceptible to overheating, leading to the undesirable burnt flavor.
  • Navigating Wattage Levels: Operating your Esco Bars vape at excessively high wattages can accelerate the vaporization of e-liquid. This can cause the coil to heat up faster than the wick can absorb e-liquid, resulting in the distinct burnt taste.
  • Chain Vaping Challenges: Engaging in continuous, rapid vaping – a practice known as chain vaping – can overwhelm the wick's ability to resaturate. This can lead to dry hits and the emergence of the unmistakable burnt taste.
  • The E-Liquid Factor: Just as food can spoil, e-liquids also have a shelf life. Using expired or old e-liquids can lead to changes in flavor profile and, unsurprisingly, the burnt taste.

The Role of Coil Quality and Maintenance in Flavor Preservation

  • Lifespan of Coils: Coils, while integral to the vaping experience, aren't immortal. Prolonged use beyond the recommended lifespan can result in a drop in flavor quality and pave the way for the burnt taste to make its unwelcome appearance.

Solutions: Banishing the Burnt Taste and Reviving the Flavor Symphony

  • Mastering Wick Saturation: Take the time to allow the wick to fully saturate with e-liquid before beginning your vaping session. Avoid forceful inhales that can outpace wick saturation and lead to dry hits.
  • Optimizing Wattage: Staying within the recommended wattage range for your Esco Bars vape model is crucial. Experiment with different wattage settings to strike a balance between flavor enhancement and coil preservation.
  • Intermittent Vaping: Prevent the burnt taste by taking short breaks between puffs. Allowing the wick to resaturate during these intervals can prevent dry hits and maintain your vaping pleasure.


While encountering a burnt taste in your Esco Bars vape can be disheartening, it's important to recognize that it's a challenge with solutions. Armed with an understanding of the contributing factors and equipped with practical strategies, you can navigate your vaping experience with confidence. By mastering wick saturation, optimizing wattage, embracing intermittent vaping, and selecting high-quality e-liquids, you can savor the full spectrum of flavors and elevate your vaping adventure. Remember, the symphony of flavors within your Esco Bars vape is within reach – a harmonious blend of technology, knowledge, and care.


Why Does My Esco Bars Vape Taste Burnt? Understanding the Factors and Solutions
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