Why Does My Hyppe Disposable Vape Keep Hitting?

The world of vaping has evolved rapidly in recent years, with numerous devices and brands to choose from. Hyppe Disposable Vape is one such brand that has gained a strong following, offering a remarkable vaping experience thanks to its exceptional specifications. This disposable vape boasts a whopping 5000-puff count, an impressive e-liquid capacity of 13ml, a powerful 650mAh battery, and a satisfying 5% nicotine content. Additionally, it incorporates the convenience of Type-C charging. While the Hyppe Disposable Vape provides an excellent vaping experience, there can be occasional issues. One of these issues is when the device continuously hits or fires without you actively using it. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind this problem and provide detailed solutions to resolve it.

Device Activation Mechanism:

The Hyppe Disposable Vape, like many disposable e-cigarettes, relies on an automatic activation mechanism. This mechanism triggers the heating element when you take a puff. If your Hyppe Disposable Vape keeps hitting without your input, several factors might be at play. Let's delve into them:

  • Check for Obstructions: Start by ensuring that there are no obstructions or debris that might be blocking the airflow sensor. Any hindrances can lead to the device activating unintentionally.
  • Clean the Sensor: Using a can of compressed air or a cotton swab, gently clean the sensor to remove any residue that might interfere with its functionality. Keeping it clean is vital for proper operation.
  • Replace the Pod: Sometimes, a malfunctioning or leaking pod can trigger the device to continuously fire. Replacing the pod may resolve this issue and ensure a smooth vaping experience.

Battery-Related Issues:

Another common reason for your Hyppe Disposable Vape continuously hitting is battery-related problems. If the battery isn't functioning properly, it can result in erratic behavior. Here's what you can do to address these issues:

  • Check Battery Connection: Make sure that the battery is securely connected to the device. Loose connections can lead to sporadic operation, causing it to fire unexpectedly.
  • Battery Charge: A low battery charge can result in irregular device operation. Ensure that your Hyppe Disposable Vape is adequately charged to maintain consistent performance.
  • Battery Replacement: If the above steps don't resolve the issue and your Hyppe Disposable Vape continues to hit unexpectedly, consider replacing the battery. Over time, lithium-ion batteries may require replacement due to their limited lifespan.

Pod or E-Liquid Issues:

The type of pod and e-liquid you use can significantly impact your Hyppe Disposable Vape's performance. If you're experiencing continuous firing, pod and e-liquid compatibility could be the culprit. Consider the following:

  • Pod Compatibility: Ensure that you are using Hyppe Disposable Vape pods designed for your specific device model. Using incompatible pods can lead to issues.
  • E-Liquid Leaks: Leaking e-liquid can cause erratic device behavior. Inspect the pod for any signs of leakage and replace it if necessary.
  • Check E-Liquid Quality: The quality of the e-liquids you use matters. Poor-quality e-liquids can result in excessive condensation and misfires. Opt for reputable e-liquids to avoid such issues.

Device Malfunction:

If none of the above solutions seem to work and your Hyppe Disposable Vape continues to hit unexpectedly, there may be an underlying device malfunction. In such cases, it's advisable to reach out to Hyppe customer support or visit a vape shop for professional assistance. It's possible that a component within the device has failed and needs replacement.


The Hyppe Disposable Vape, with its impressive specifications, promises a superb vaping experience. Yet, encountering your Hyppe Disposable Vape continuously hitting can be frustrating. By understanding the potential reasons behind this issue and following the suggested solutions, you can regain control over your vaping experience. Regular maintenance and proper usage are crucial to ensure the smooth operation of your Hyppe Disposable Vape, allowing you to enjoy its outstanding 5000-puff count, 13ml e-liquid capacity, potent 650mAh battery, 5% nicotine content, and the convenience of Type-C charging. If issues persist, don't hesitate to seek expert guidance to ensure the safety and functionality of your disposable vape.


Why Does My Hyppe Disposable Vape Keep Hitting?
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