Why Is My Tyson Iron Vape Not Charging? Find Solutions Now!

Troubleshooting Charging Issues with Your Tyson Iron Vape: A Comprehensive Guide

Vaping has become a widespread trend, offering a convenient alternative to traditional smoking. Among the plethora of vaping devices available, the Tyson Iron Vape has gained popularity for its sleek design, sturdy construction, and user-friendly interface. However, encountering charging problems with your Tyson Iron Vape can be frustrating. If you're finding it challenging to charge your device, fear not. This article delves into the reasons behind such issues and provides practical solutions to get your Tyson Iron Vape back up and running smoothly.

Understanding Your Tyson Iron Vape

Before delving into troubleshooting, let's familiarize ourselves with the key features of the Tyson Iron Vape:

Tyson Iron Vape Specifications:

  • - E-liquid Capacity: 20ml
  • - Max Puffs: 15000
  • - Nicotine Strength: 50mg (5%)
  • - Rechargeable: Yes
  • - Battery Capacity: 650mAh
  • - Charging Port: USB Type-C

The Tyson Iron Vape boasts impressive specifications that cater to the needs of vaping enthusiasts. With a generous e-liquid capacity of 20ml, users can enjoy extended vaping sessions without the hassle of frequent refills. Accompanied by a remarkable maximum puff count of 15,000, this device ensures long-lasting enjoyment for moderate to heavy users. The nicotine strength of 50mg (5%) delivers a satisfying hit with each puff, catering to enthusiasts craving a robust throat hit. Equipped with a rechargeable 650mAh battery, the Tyson Iron Vape guarantees consistent power throughout the day. Its USB Type-C charging port enhances convenience, providing faster charging times and a secure connection. With these impressive specifications, the Tyson Iron Vape offers a premium vaping experience that combines performance, reliability, and convenience.

Common Reasons Why Your Tyson Myke Vape Won't Charge

let's explore the common reasons why your Tyson Iron Vape might not be charging and how to address them effectively.

  • Faulty Charging Cable or Adapter

One of the primary reasons for charging issues could be a faulty charging cable or adapter. Over time, wear and tear can degrade the integrity of the cable, leading to connectivity issues.

  • Solution:

Try using a different USB Type-C cable or adapter that is compatible with your Tyson Iron Vape. If the device begins charging with the alternative cable, it's time to replace the old one.

  • Dirty or Damaged Charging Port

Dust, debris, or damage to the charging port can obstruct the connection between the charger and the battery, preventing proper charging.

  • Solution:

Carefully inspect the USB Type-C charging port for any visible dirt, debris, or damage. Use a soft-bristled brush or compressed air to gently clean the port. If the port is damaged, consider seeking professional repair or replacement.

  • Battery Issues

Over time, rechargeable batteries degrade, resulting in reduced charging capacity or failure to hold a charge.

  • Solution:

If your Tyson Iron Vape is old or has been heavily used, the battery may need replacement. Contact customer support or visit a reputable vape shop for assistance with battery replacement.

  • Firmware or Software Glitches

Occasionally, software glitches or bugs in the device's firmware can interfere with the charging process.

  • Solution:

Check the manufacturer's website for firmware updates specific to your Tyson Iron Vape model. If available, follow the instructions to update the firmware. Additionally, performing a reset or restoring the device to factory settings may help resolve software-related issues.

  • Temperature Conditions

Extreme temperatures can affect the charging performance of lithium-ion batteries, commonly used in vape devices.

  • Solution:

Avoid charging your Tyson Iron Vape in excessively hot or cold environments. Optimal charging occurs at room temperature. Allow the device to adjust to room temperature if it has been exposed to extreme conditions before attempting to charge it.

Preventative Measures

To prevent charging issues and prolong the lifespan of your Tyson Iron Vape, consider the following tips: 

  • - Use only the provided USB Type-C charging cable and adapter or those recommended by the manufacturer.

  • - Keep the charging port clean and free from dirt and debris.

  • - Avoid exposing your vape to extreme temperatures during charging.

  • - Follow proper charging practices, such as avoiding overcharging and unplugging the device once fully charged.

  • - Handle your Tyson Iron Vape with care to prevent physical damage to the battery or charging port.


If your Tyson Iron Vape is experiencing charging problems, don't panic. By systematically troubleshooting the potential issues outlined above, you can often resolve the problem at home. However, if the problem persists despite your efforts, consider seeking professional assistance or exploring replacement options. Remember to maintain your device with regular cleaning and adhere to proper charging practices to ensure a smooth vaping experience. You can ensure that your Tyson Iron Vape remains a reliable companion for your vaping journey.

Why Is My Tyson Iron Vape Not Charging? Find Solutions Now!
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