Best Vape Shops in Minneapolis

Exploring Minneapolis Vape Scene: The Top 10 Vape Shops

Introduction: Minneapolis, Minnesota, boasts a thriving vaping community, and we've curated a list of the top 10 vape shops in the city. Whether you're a seasoned vaper or just starting, these shops offer a wide range of products and excellent customer service.

1. Turning Leaf - Uptown

  • Address: 1400 Lagoon Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55408
  • Phone Number: (612) 354-7852
  • Website:
  • About: Turning Leaf is an industry-leading CBD, Wellness, Vapor, and Cigar retail store with 10 Midwest locations, dedicated to promoting a healthier lifestyle by providing quality services and diverse products.

2. Smokeless - Vape and CBD

  • Address: 514 E Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55414
  • Phone Number: (612) 217-4550
  • Website:
  • About: Founded in 2009, Smokeless - Vape and CBD (Smokeless Smoking Inc) is a retail and wholesale distribution vapor company focused on helping smokers transition to vapor products with excellent customer service.

3. Day 2 Day Tobacco

  • Address: 1715 E Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55407
  • Phone Number: (830) 399-0891
  • Website:
  • About: Day 2 Day Tobacco offers a wide range of tobacco, vaporizers, e-cigarettes, e-liquids, shisha, hookahs, disposables, Juul products, CBD, Delta 8, and Kratom.

4. The Green Machine

  • Address: 2409 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55404
  • Phone Number: (612) 367-4447
  • Website:
  • About: The Green Machine is an industry-leading smoke shop that offers a wide selection of premium smoking products, driven by guest satisfaction.

5. Vapor Bunker

  • Address: 4066 Lakeland Ave N, Robbinsdale, MN 55422
  • Phone Number: (763) 535-6611
  • Website:
  • About: Vapor Bunker offers a range of custom-made e-liquids and vaping products, including Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Flavoring, and optional Nicotine.

6. Infinity Smokes Inc.

  • Address: 814 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55403
  • Phone Number: (612) 333-9071
  • Website:
  • About: Infinity Smokes is a premier Downtown Minneapolis smoke shop offering top-quality cigars, e-cigs, hookahs, and tobacco-related products at reasonable prices.

7. Hideaway - Dinkytown

  • Address: 1309 4th St SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414
  • Phone Number: (612) 331-1554
  • Website:
  • About: Hideaway is your one-stop-shop for smoking needs in Minneapolis, offering a wide range of products, including hookahs, glass, e-vapes, and more.

8. Imperial Vapor

  • Address: 227 Snelling Ave N, St Paul, MN 55104
  • Phone Number: (651) 802-6615
  • Website:
  • About: Imperial Vapor offers a helpful, enjoyable, and personal experience for customers, focusing on exceeding expectations in every interaction.

9. Vape Pro's

  • Address: 681 Snelling Ave N, St Paul, MN 55104
  • Phone Number: (651) 328-8273
  • Website:
  • About: Vape Pro's has been serving the Twin Cities and surrounding areas since 2014, offering premium e-liquids, vape pens, and more to customers 21+ per state guidelines.

10. Dark Horse Vapery

  • Address: 5522 W Broadway, Crystal, MN 55428
  • Phone Number: (763) 535-9790
  • Website:
  • About: Dark Horse Vapery is Crystal's premier e-cigarette and glass shop, specializing in mods, e-cig liquids, nicotine products, and a growing selection of smoking accessories.

Explore the diverse vaping scene in Minneapolis by visiting these top vape shops. Whether you're looking for e-cigarettes, vaporizers, or other smoking accessories, you'll find quality products and friendly service.

Best Vape Shops in Minneapolis
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