Lost Vape Orion Bar 7500: An In-depth Examination of the Ultimate Disposable Vape

Step into the realm of the Lost Vape Orion Bar 7500, a remarkable addition to Lost Vape's prestigious line of vaping products. Recognized for their unwavering commitment to innovation and quality, Lost Vape set high standards, particularly with the integration of the Evolv DNA chipset in their Orion refillable pod vape. The Orion Bar 7500 continues the tradition of excellence. This article serves as your guide, providing an extensive exploration of this extraordinary device, from its specifications and design to its performance, and a comprehensive analysis of its strengths and weaknesses.

Product Overview and Specifications

The Orion Bar 7500 is a testament to Lost Vape's dedication to quality and innovation. It boasts an array of compelling features designed to cater to a wide range of vapers. Offering a selection of 15 flavors, each with a potent 5% nicotine content, this disposable vape distinguishes itself with an impressive capacity of 7500 puffs, ensuring an extended and satisfying vaping experience. With an ample 18 mL e-liquid reservoir, a rechargeable 650 mAh battery, and an adjustable airflow controller, you have the flexibility to customize your experience, toggling between a tight mouth-to-lung (MTL) draw and a captivating restricted lung hit.

Device Specifications

  • Kit Contents: The Orion Bar 7500 package includes the device itself, pre-filled with your chosen flavor, and a USB-C cable for recharging.
  • Battery Capacity: This disposable vape is equipped with a robust 650 mAh rechargeable battery.
  • E-Liquid Capacity: With a generous 18 mL capacity, you can enjoy your vaping sessions without the worry of running out of e-liquid.
  • Nicotine Strength: Featuring a robust 5% nicotine content, the Orion Bar 7500 ensures a satisfying vaping experience.
  • Adjustable Airflow: The device's adjustable airflow feature allows you to tailor your draw, smoothly transitioning between MTL and a tantalizing restricted lung hit.
  • Puffs: The Orion Bar 7500 boasts an impressive capacity of 7500 puffs, ensuring your enjoyment lasts.

Size, Aesthetics, and Ergonomics

The Orion Bar 7500 is more than just a vaping device; it's a work of art that surpasses expectations. Its design resembles that of a miniature box mod or an all-in-one (AIO) device, making it a treat for the eyes. Constructed with a classic C-frame structure, this vape exudes the quintessential vape shop vibe, making it a perfect choice for showcasing during hand checks.

One of the most captivating features of this device is its transparency, allowing you to witness its inner workings. Each flavor variant boasts unique and captivating artistic graphics that pay homage to the vape aesthetic of 2018. Hidden beneath these captivating graphics are the intricacies of the device, housing the electronics, e-liquid, polyfill, and coil. The cylindrical battery, adorned with the "Orion" logo, underscores the Orion Bar's robust and virtually indestructible construction.


First Steps with the Orion Bar 7500

Embarking on your vaping journey with the Orion Bar 7500 is an effortless and gratifying experience. The device is ready for use straight out of the box, featuring a silver sticker at the bottom to maintain airflow integrity during transit. A simple peel removes this seal, ensuring a smooth and flawless vaping experience. On the device's base, you'll find the USB-C port for recharging, along with an airflow controller switch that empowers you to take control of your draw's tightness.

Performance and User Experience

The Orion Bar 7500 excels in performance, delivering a satisfying mouth-to-lung (MTL) draw and a tantalizing restricted lung hit. The restricted lung hit shines as the device's standout mode, perfectly aligning with the device's capabilities. Thanks to the adjustable airflow, you can tailor your vaping experience with precision. Even with the airflow fully open, the hits maintain their captivating intensity.

The throat hit, while moderate, is impressively smooth, avoiding the harshness often associated with 5% nicotine devices. The Orion Bar 7500 stands out for its ability to prevent common issues such as juice spitting or popping, ensuring a seamless and delightful vaping adventure.

Battery Life and Capacity

The Orion Bar 7500 impresses in various aspects, but its battery longevity could be improved. While it certainly holds its own, it may not meet the demands of marathon vaping sessions, especially when compared to similar devices in its category. Additionally, the claimed 18 mL e-liquid capacity might be perceived as somewhat generous, occasionally leaving users with the impression that they're nearing depletion. Recharging the device takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour, and while pass-thru charging is not available, the quick recharge ensures you're not kept waiting for long.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Aesthetic Excellence: The Orion Bar 7500's classic box mod design is a visual masterpiece that garners attention and admiration wherever you go.
  • Comfortable Vaping: A meticulously crafted mouthpiece ensures that extended vaping sessions are comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Customizable Airflow: With the adjustable airflow feature, you have the power to fine-tune your vaping experience, creating a draw that suits your preferences perfectly.
  • Sturdy Construction: The device's robust build is a testament to Lost Vape's legacy of durability and reliability.
  • Eco-Friendly Power: The presence of a rechargeable 650 mAh battery, combined with the convenience of USB-C charging, provides an eco-friendly and user-friendly vaping solution.


  • Subdued Flavor Profiles: While the flavors are pleasant, they tend to be subtle, potentially leaving enthusiasts yearning for a more intense taste experience.
  • MTL Hit Strength: Mouth-to-lung hits may feel slightly underwhelming, with the device truly shining when delivering restricted lung draws with more vigor.
  • Battery Performance: The battery life of the Orion Bar may not meet the demands of prolonged vaping sessions, especially when compared to similar devices in its category.
  • E-Liquid Capacity Discrepancy: The claimed 18 mL e-liquid capacity may not align with real-world usage, occasionally leaving users with the impression of nearing depletion.
  • Limited Battery Longevity: Despite recharging capabilities, the device's battery may not provide the sustained power required for extended vaping sessions, potentially resulting in intermittent interruptions.

In conclusion, the Lost Vape Orion Bar 7500 promises an aesthetic marvel with robust construction, adjustable airflow, and a wide range of flavors. While it may not fully meet the lofty expectations associated with the Lost Vape brand, it offers an engaging and hassle-free disposable vape experience that caters to those seeking both style and substance. Your journey into the world of the Orion Bar 7500 is bound to be immersive and unforgettable, filled with flavors and experiences waiting to be explored.


Lost Vape Orion Bar 7500: An In-depth Examination of the Ultimate Disposable Vape
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